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About SAR

What is SAR?

Swedish Academic Equestrian Federation (SAR) is the head organization of the Swedish equestrian student associations. Today, there are six member student equestrian associations. These are ARKUM (Umeå), GARS (Gothenburg), LARK (Linkoping), Lars (Lund), SSEC (Stockholm) and UARK (Uppsala). You can find more information about them here. The objective of SAR is to act as a connection between the different member associations but also with the international student equestrian world.

SAR is in turn connected to SvRF (Swedish Equestrian Federation) and AIEC that is an international student equestrian organization. Read more about AIEC here.

How do I become a member?

Contact your local club for membership information. If you don't have any student equestrian association in your city right now, but still want to participate in international student competitions, you can become an individual member of SAR. Email us on for more information. 

About the board

You find our contact information here. If you are not sure who you are suppose to contact, send an email to and we will pass it on to the right member. 

How do I keep myself updated?

On the page "kommande evenemang" you find upcoming events and competitions. Also make sure to follow our facebook page and instagram!

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